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This SquintMaster software is designed and developed by Dr. Sudhir Singh, M.S. (Ophthalmology) after extensive research and study. Each and every part of this software is conceived, programmed, and developed by Dr. Sudhir Singh only. It took 3 years of hard work. All expenses were also borne by the author only. This is probably the first time that programming is done by any doctor himself. Now the full version of SquintMaster software is free for all of you. If you think this project remains alive then please contribute generously for this project as well as similar innovative projects like this. Please send you feedback to Dr. Sudhir Singh drsudhirsingh@gmail.com


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Salient Features Of SquintMaster Software

  • Suggests diagnosis and subtype of deviations
  • An important tool for patient counseling
  • Suggests surgical options
  • Creates a simulated image of deviations
  • With help of a squint simulator and calculator, the user can calculate surgical dose ( Amount of surgery)
  • AC /A Simulator And Calculator
  • A V Patterns Simulator And Calculator
  • Parks 3 Step Test
  • Knapp's Classification
  • Simulator for ductions, versions, and grades of oblique muscles over action
  • Classification and management of Duane's Retraction Syndrome
  • Management of third nerve palsy
  • Management of fourth nerve palsy
  • Management of sixth nerve palsy
  • Management of Browns Syndrome
  • Management of double elevator palsy













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  Dr. Sudhir Singh,MS






  Dr. Sudhir Singh,MS






  Dr. Sudhir Singh,MS