Intratunnel Phacofracture Technique of the Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery


Intratunnel phacofracture technique is a new technique of the manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS).In this technique nucleus is broken inside the 4 to 6 mm wide sclero-corneal tunnel with the help of the Lewis lens loop. MSICS is significantly faster, less expensive, and less technology-dependent than phacoemulsification and has been extensively practiced in developing countries such as India. However, the drawback of most commonly practiced MSICS techniques Blumenthal, visco-expression, irrigating wire vectis, and fish-hook needle is that they all require a large incision of 7 to 9 mm, which leads to induced astigmatism. The Intratunnel Phacofracture technique was innovated by Dr Sudhir Singh1,2


Intratunnel Phacofracture: A New MSICS Tech (EyeWiki)



1.Singh S. First postoperative day visual outcome following 6 mm manual small incision cataract surgery using intratunnel phacofracture technique. US Ophthalmic Review. 2014;7(1):26-30.

2.Singh Sudhir. Step-by-step: Intratunnel Phacofracture. Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe | MAY 2016:48-51



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  Dr. Sudhir Singh,MS






  Dr. Sudhir Singh,MS






  Dr. Sudhir Singh,MS